Working Smarter Together for a Greener Future

We all have lots of hopes for the year ahead. Freedom beyond the pandemic. Good health and happiness. And perhaps top of the list, an end to climate change and the move towards a greener future. We can’t pretend to have all the answers or the power to make big changes here at Fresssh, but we are trying to do our bit. Our clients are keen to do the same and it’s great to see what can be achieved when we work together.

This method of working smarter together makes it possible to service multiple stores in a particular restaurant group or geographic area during the same visit. It offers mutual benefits, not least of which is delivery turnaround improvements for our customers.  We want to extend our thanks to those restaurant groups that have already recognised the benefits of working this way.

Our newer approach of coordinating call outs and store visits so we service neighbouring venues on the same day is an important one. It minimises waste and maximises fuel efficiency so we can still provide the same first-rate service whilst simultaneously reducing our carbon emissions. We are delighted that so many of our clients have a similar mindset and are on board with this approach. It is making a big difference.

We’ve always believed in working alongside our clients to support them with their brand image maintenance and so it’s brilliant to see that same partnership model applied to environmental issues too.

For many years we’ve been proud to count hundreds of McDonalds restaurants among our customers. We know they take planet positivity seriously at a corporate level – you may have seen their Plan for Change. It’s great to see that same commitment from every individual restaurant too.

Interested in protecting your interior, and the planet? Get in touch – we’d love to help.

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