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Richard BransonBest known as the founder of the Virgin Group, which now comprises of more than 400 companies, Richard Branson, aged 16, began his meteoric entrepreneurial life with the launch of the magazine ‘Student’. At 20, he set up a mail-order record business and 2 years later opened a chain of record stores, Virgin Records, later known as Virgin Megastores.

The Virgin brand grew rapidly, as he set up Virgin Atlantic and expanded the Virgin Record music label. Virgin Trains and Virgin Mobiles followed. Constantly expanding and looking for the new opportunities that would enhance current product offerings. Bet he got knocked down occasionally but that didn’t make him stick to knitting.

If you think about a lot of different things we take for granted today… running water, electricity, mobile phones, calculators…. which of these would we be happy to live without? All of these, I suggest, are now part of our every-day lives because people pushed ahead and took risks to develop products and services they thought we wanted or were useful additions to our lives. So when we look for the next big TV buy… what do televisions offer now that they didn’t when we bought the last one. Lots and lots of add-ons that we didn’t know we wanted.




That’s the same for B2B. All businesses have end goals and requirements that keep changing. It is a supplier’s job to keep up with their customer’s changing dynamics and offer solutions-orientated products. A company that doesn’t run with their customers stays still.

A company that stays still doesn’t grow. A venue that doesn’t see its competitors moving in different directions and stays stagnant wonders why its old customers don’t return. Ethnic restaurants, for example, with flock wallpaper and dull lighting and you wonder why they are empty. Is that your business because you want to stick with what you know, don’t want to spend the money or energy to fight for something different or better?


All businesses can be like that. You have to learn to move forwards continually if you don’t want to stay in your bubble wrap cocoon and let customers go elsewhere. That’s the Yarn Mission –  to unravel what you really want and work to get there.  We can work with you to establish your new-look venue. Like new televisions, it doesn’t  necessarily come as cheap as you might wish, but hey – do you want to be stuck in the rut type of place? Your choice!


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