Saving You Time And Money

Here at Fresssh we are big believers in efficiency. We know that if we can make our ordering and installing process as smooth and streamlined as possible, that we will keep our customers happy and benefit everybody’s bottom line.

With this in mind, we have worked hard over the years to ensure everything is as easy and straightforward for our customers as it possibly can be.

At the heart of this is our customised furniture floor plan – it allows you to order repairs and replacements quickly and easily, and it stops us having to charge for unnecessary call outs and visits. It’s a win-win – and our customers love it.

They create floor plans for us which numbers all our seating so they know which specific seat needs re-upholstering without having to visit us, ensuring a more efficient and quicker turnaround on repairs.”

– Martin Moore [McDonald’s Franchisee Operations Support Manager]

Having worked with a range of restaurants & their contractors for in excess of 12 years we fully understand the importance of good budgetary control, whether it be store brand image maintenance or a complete reimage/refurb.

And if the past year and a half has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t rest on our laurels in this department: Customers expect clean, safe interiors that represent your brand values. You expect efficiency, value and the highest craftsmanship. We deliver on all counts.

Better maintenance of restaurants and bars extends their life and reduces overall reimaging costs as it needs to be done less frequently. This is no small saving.

So, if you’re keen to protect your investment in your venue, and extend the life of your interior, talk to us today. We offer competitive pricing, fast turnaround on repairs and a customer experience that is easy, straightforward and focused on minimal disruption to you. How can we help?

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