McDonald’s: Masters at Success

Every business, everybody, everything has been impacted by coronavirus this past few months, and the consequences have been devastating for many. Businesses that were struggling anyway have gone under. Others have used the pandemic as an opportunity to heavily restructure. Others still are floundering, unsure of how to adapt and what the future holds.

As a long-term supplier to McDonald’s, we have been naturally looking closely at how they have handled the crisis. In short, it’s impressive. Everyone in the McDonald’s system has worked together to return quickly and safely to the communities in which they operate, from farmers and suppliers right through to the restaurant teams. 

Throughout the crisis they have prioritised safety, adopting a test and check approach to every stage. This has allowed them to open Drive-Thrus, offer takeaway and currently sees them piloting dine-in; testing the procedures and safety measures required to make it work. This safety first approach applies to their supply chains too, and we’ve been reassured to see them not only embrace our own protective processes but implement their own that ensures we can work safely inside their restaurants.

Impressive it may be, but surprising it isn’t. McDonald’s have always been innovative, quick to adapt and highly customer focused in all they do. This current situation may have challenged them like it has all of us, but they’ve responded to it with the same dedication, focus and resourcefulness they always do. It’s one of the reasons we enjoy working with them so much.

They haven’t rushed their reopening, but they have been successful with it. From passing on the VAT reduction to customers, to focusing on menu favourites in order to safely operate kitchens, their customer focus is second-to-none. It makes us hugely proud to work alongside them, and we will continue to look, listen and learn from all that they do. It seems many others in the sector would benefit from doing the same.

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