Freedom Day? Almost.

When the PM made the dreaded announcement day that Freedom Day was going to be pushed back to next month, we were as disappointed as everyone else in the hospitality sector.

We know just how much planning and preparation goes into opening up so many venues fully, into all the events that had been planned, into the new layouts, menus and procedures – it’s gutting.

But we also know how awful it would be if we had to lockdown again, and to that end we understand the need for caution. Better to wait a bit longer now and never have to close again than continue the open/close yo-yo-ing of the past 12 months.

Photo by Syed Ahmad on Unsplash

With so many venues working against the clock to get everything ready for full re-openings, we know the extra few weeks will be welcome for some. We’ve been flat out getting countless restaurants ready and it’s been great to see the buzz across the sector about the Summer to come. If you need any last minute repairs, reupholstery or restoration jobs sorting do get in touch – we’re always happy to help where we can.

So, we’re keeping our fingers crossed – for everyone in the hospitality sector, for the freedom that’s now in touching distance and for a bit of normality once again. That Freedom Day will be here soon.

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