Uniqueness with Minimum Downtime

Fresssh Image is constantly on the lookout for new and exiting ways to create unique venue possibilities for its clients.  At the same time we understand how vital on-time project completion for new & downtime for refurbishment of existing venues is to our customers investment & cash flow. 

For this reason our research into new materials and products also looks at size, weight, safety, ease of installation & maintenance and price as important aspects of our venue design & custom installation choices.

 Digital wall covering : create your unique wall/venue design

With the advent of digital technology it is now possible to design your own wall covering print either from suppliers own extensive 'digital image collection database' or by using your own digital images e.g. branding, graphic designs or photographic images. 

To create maximum impact it is important that these images are to a minimum of 300 dpi, scale 1 : 10 .

This technology makes it possible for us to create venues that 'tell your story' and as such create the unique kind of venue that customers are increasingly seeking out and want to be identified with.

Most importantly it offers the possibility for us to minimise downtime for existing venues and with minimal labour requirement keep costs down and your trading continuous.  



Natural Stone Veneer - What Is It and Where Does It Come From?

Stone-Veneer is a natural stone surface obtained from quarries around the world and is split from real slate. Different geographical locations result in the different colours.

The raw split surface of the slate and the interchanging colours of each stone layer are absolutely unique and a stimulation for the senses. Color and surface variations are quite normal and do not constitute a fault.

Natural slate has a content of minerals and metal oxidants which are not visible underneath the surface. Pressure can cause fractures. These fractures are also quite normal and do not constitute a fault.

Creating Unique Atmospheres

The use of composite wall panels allows for the creation of unique atmospheres that combine elegance, texture and design.

Production Features
Polyurethane and Stone Panels
These are composed of a layer of approx 4mm of coated marble stone and a layer of high density injected polyurethane.
High Definition Panels
These panels are ideal for coating all types of surfaces including walls and ceilings. The panels are made of a number of minerals and chemicals (eg stone, marble, silica etc)  This makes panels suitable for public areas with high traffic. The panels are resistant to fire, high humidity and weather can be used on interior and exterior surfaces.

Cost Effective Tile Replacement

These panels are manufactured from acrylic capped ABS - the same material used to manufacture shower trays and baths.

A waterproof alternative to traditional tiles these panels are available in a number of styles and finishes designed to suit most waterproof walling areas. The tile panels are moulded to look and feel exactyl like high quality ceramic tiling.  The patented joining system anables a professional seamless finish. The panels are suitable for all commercial applications

Anywhere you need a waterproof surface we have the most environmentally friendly, cost effective, future proof solution. The panels are simple to install and do not require skilled labour.