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Behind the Scenes

Keith Hobbs

Ever wondered how we create such stunning upholstered furniture or restore the glory of well-used items? Wonder no more! Film-maker Tim Hobbs, of Whittle Films, has been documenting some of our processes for us so we can show you what happens behind the scenes in our upholstery workshop.

Our Master Craftsman, Colin Price, is an experienced upholsterer with an eye for detail. It’s a treat to watch him work as he creates, restores, repairs and maintains a broad range of furniture items.

It takes skill and experience to create such consistently high quality items, to install them correctly, and maintain them expertly. We are fortunate to have Colin in our team.

Watch the video of how we do this for one of our customers, McDonald’s, in full here:

Casual Dining: A Full Sensory Experience

Keith Hobbs

The idea of ‘casual dining’ is rapidly changing. Where once it meant average food in an average setting, it now offers so much more. Customers expect high quality, innovation and excitement in their dining experience and restaurant groups are doing more and more to encourage their customers to linger, take their time, order more and enjoy a full sensory experience when dining in one of their venues. You only have to look at the list of new groups setting up in the UK post-covid to see how important a sector this has become.

Competition within the dine-in industry is very high. In order to keep customers happy, restaurants are using a range of different methods to strive for bigger market shares. Creating an environment that customers enjoy coming to is fundamental in determining customers’ satisfaction. Creating a safe space that customers feel relaxed and secure in as we all learn to live with coronavirus is also key.

Sensory marketing, as part of this, relates to the five customer senses while they are in store: what can be seen, what can be heard, how comfortable are the surroundings, how does the food smell before they order and finally, how does everything taste once they have their order.

The sight, smell and taste of the food is pretty self-explanatory, but the restaurant groups enjoying real success are the ones who understand how important the full dining experience is for their customers, in terms of music, lighting, seating and customer service.

The sight, smell and taste of the food is pretty self-explanatory, but the restaurant groups enjoying real success areSeating, lighting and ambience are all vital building blocks for the perfect customer experience. This in turn encourages longer visit durations and an intention to revisit the restaurant. No wonder then that our brand image support is such a valued and important lifeline for so many of our clients. We protect their investment ongoing, acting as a specialist insurance policy that keeps them looking and feeling great.

Retaining customers and encouraging their loyalty to revisit is dependent on the satisfaction of the holistic consumer dining experience at the restaurant.

Customers today want to enjoy more than just food, they want an experience that is engaging and memorable – which is where we come in. As long time trusted suppliers to McDonald’s and others, we work with our customers to minimise disruption and deliver repairs and maintenance that protects their brand image – and ensures their customers keep coming back.

Saving You Time And Money

Keith Hobbs

Here at Fresssh we are big believers in efficiency. We know that if we can make our ordering and installing process as smooth and streamlined as possible, that we will keep our customers happy and benefit everybody’s bottom line.

With this in mind, we have worked hard over the years to ensure everything is as easy and straightforward for our customers as it possibly can be.

At the heart of this is our customised furniture floor plan – it allows you to order repairs and replacements quickly and easily, and it stops us having to charge for unnecessary call outs and visits. It’s a win-win – and our customers love it.

They create floor plans for us which numbers all our seating so they know which specific seat needs re-upholstering without having to visit us, ensuring a more efficient and quicker turnaround on repairs.”

– Martin Moore [McDonald’s Franchisee Operations Support Manager]

Having worked with a range of restaurants & their contractors for in excess of 12 years we fully understand the importance of good budgetary control, whether it be store brand image maintenance or a complete reimage/refurb.

And if the past year and a half has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t rest on our laurels in this department: Customers expect clean, safe interiors that represent your brand values. You expect efficiency, value and the highest craftsmanship. We deliver on all counts.

Better maintenance of restaurants and bars extends their life and reduces overall reimaging costs as it needs to be done less frequently. This is no small saving.

So, if you’re keen to protect your investment in your venue, and extend the life of your interior, talk to us today. We offer competitive pricing, fast turnaround on repairs and a customer experience that is easy, straightforward and focused on minimal disruption to you. How can we help?

Freedom Day? Almost.

Keith Hobbs

When the PM made the dreaded announcement day that Freedom Day was going to be pushed back to next month, we were as disappointed as everyone else in the hospitality sector.

We know just how much planning and preparation goes into opening up so many venues fully, into all the events that had been planned, into the new layouts, menus and procedures – it’s gutting.

But we also know how awful it would be if we had to lockdown again, and to that end we understand the need for caution. Better to wait a bit longer now and never have to close again than continue the open/close yo-yo-ing of the past 12 months.

Photo by Syed Ahmad on Unsplash

With so many venues working against the clock to get everything ready for full re-openings, we know the extra few weeks will be welcome for some. We’ve been flat out getting countless restaurants ready and it’s been great to see the buzz across the sector about the Summer to come. If you need any last minute repairs, reupholstery or restoration jobs sorting do get in touch – we’re always happy to help where we can.

So, we’re keeping our fingers crossed – for everyone in the hospitality sector, for the freedom that’s now in touching distance and for a bit of normality once again. That Freedom Day will be here soon.

Are you Monday-Ready?

Keith Hobbs

May the 17th.

It’s a big day.

We can all, finally, meet indoors, hug each other and – most importantly – eat IN at our favourite restaurants!

We’ve been flat out these past few weeks getting our customers ready for the big day and it’s great to see these restaurants looking in perfect condition: safe, clean and ready to welcome customers again.

Nobody wants to see rips, tears and other damage to seating – it suggests the owners don’t care about your comfort or your safety. We know our clients DO care, just as much as we do, and our craftsmanship, professionalism and attention to detail are as important as ever.

But we also know not everyone is Monday-ready. If you need some last minute TLC, some crucial repairs, some critical reupholstery get in touch – we will endeavour to help you as soon as we can.

And in the meantime, Happy Monday everyone!

Are you ready for al fresco?

Keith Hobbs

The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and the roadmap to recovery is pressing ahead. We can’t wait to be sat in the beer garden, at the terrace, on the pavement: the al fresco options are endless!

The hospitality sector is always innovating anyway and we’ve loved seeing all the different ways our clients and friends are embracing the upcoming patio season, but it’s great to see so many Councils being more flexible with pavement seating options too. 

Areas like Covent Garden have radically innovated their space and surrounding areas to open up even more outside dining and drinking spaces. Closer to home it’s great to see Nottingham City Council altering road layouts to cater for greater pavement hospitality options. And globally we’re seeing trends shift and new patterns emerge as we all embrace our new normal.

However you tackle the conundrum of being safer outdoors, comfort and safety are key. Customers want to relax and enjoy themselves, safe in the knowledge that there is space around them and that all surfaces are clean and not damaged.

From a seating point of view, durability and comfort are key. Furniture needs to be sturdy, weather resistant and well-maintained. Keeping surfaces smooth and free from damage means there aren’t spaces for germs, dirt and bacteria to build. Regular deep cleaning ensures that staff cleaning systems are effective and manageable. We can help with all these aspects.

But we all need a bit of luxury too! Soft furnishings, lighting and imaginative use of the space all make such a difference. Cushions and covers can be brought inside to protect them, but can offer warmth and comfort when used.

We partner with specialised architectural joiners and can offer a range of exciting outside seating and structural options as a result. We can work with you to create a bespoke solution.

Our Brand Image Maintenance Service protects outside spaces just as much as indoor, and enables managers and owners to protect their outdoor investment securely. Take a look at the work we did for The Crescent Inn here.

Need to bring your outdoor seating and structures up to speed? Get in touch – we are always happy to give you a maintenance and repair quote.

Where Tech Meets Taste

Keith Hobbs

This past year has seen a lot of changes within hospitality, largely driven by the pandemic and the challenges it has created. But we’ve seen some exciting developments too, not least around technology. Digital means of staying in touch with customers have become more important than ever, and we’re looking forward to seeing the different ways these will be harnessed once dining in is given the green light again.

Grabbing a bite to eat in your favourite fast food joint will be a different experience to how it was even just a few months ago – not because the menu is changed dramatically but because of the introduction of technology in store. You may have noticed this already when ordering take out. Click and collect, order and pay, contactless payments – they all show how tech that talks to each other can streamline the service in your venue.

These digital developments are changing the way we order and the way we eat, and they have significant repercussions for how you need to view the interior of your venue. Here’s why.

As technology makes customers and crews’ experiences easier and more streamlined, the focus is clear: if digital can aid convenience and increase sales, it’s a win. Inspiring loyalty often comes down to catering to guests’ individual needs. That’s what they’re used to elsewhere. Why not in their food-purchasing journey? Digital features that promote personalisation and encourage additional sales are set to become mainstream in McDonald’s and elsewhere. Post covid, they are likely to emphasise safety too, which can only be a good thing.

This focus on tech in the ordering side of things frees up staff to focus on the customer service once inside the store. For those guests who need to grab and go, technology adds speed and convenience. For those guests who want to linger, technology enables colleagues to offer personalised service inside. With digital table top entertainment, and table service now standard, good quality seating that matches the brand ethos and standards is vital. A layout that encourages guests to be comfortable and go back for seconds is key – and the perfect match to the latest digital tricks deployed elsewhere.

Need to refresh your interior? We can help. We never put covers over covers – instead we offer repair and reupholstery to protect your investment and bring your brand image back to looking its best.

The seasons are changing, but your service doesn’t have to.

Keith Hobbs

It has been a patio season like no other.

There is no doubt it has been a difficult year for hospitality, but the covid trend to repurpose outside areas for seating spaces has been well served by the clement weather we’ve had.

Restaurateurs and councils across the UK moved quickly earlier in the season to create or expand outdoor dining sections, giving venues more physically distanced capacity, and COVID-cautious customers the confidence to dine out in fresh air.

It has been great to see a much broader embrace of al fresco dining, especially in city centres, and we would love to see it continue. Our approach at Fresssh Image is always to be solution-focused, and we hope placemakers nationwide will continue to offer flexibility about how outside space is used.

As temperatures drop during the colder months, there has been a lot of debate about how comfortable people will be outside. Outdoor heaters are of course an option, but not a very sustainable one given the current climate crisis.

Instead, we only have to look to other areas such as Scandinavia and New Zealand, where boxes of blankets and hot water bottles are a standard feature for most bars and restaurants. Accessories such as this, along with suitable clothing and a shift in attitude would allow a vibrant al fresco culture to prevail here too, all year round. Particularly if those outdoor spaces were covered.

We are excited about the possibilities afforded by outside structures, bespoke seating and inventive outdoor spaces, and we know you are too.

From a seating point of view, durability and comfort are key. Furniture needs to be sturdy, weather resistant and well-maintained. Cushions and covers can be brought inside to protect them, but can offer warmth and luxury when used.

Our partners, Willey and Bunker Projects, offer a range of exciting outside seating and structural options, and we can work with you to create a bespoke solution:

Our Brand Image Maintenance Service protects outside spaces just as much as indoor, and enables managers and owners to protect their outdoor investment securely. Take a look at the work we did for The Crescent Inn here.

Need to bring your outdoor seating and structures up to speed? Get in touch – we are always happy to give you a maintenance and repair quote.

The Guide to Brand Image Maintenance

Keith Hobbs

Your brand is so much more than just your logo. It is the entire experience your customers enjoy when they visit you. From friendliness to food, seating to service, your brand image is vital to your success.

Here at Fresssh Image, we understand how crucial that brand image is and we’re here to ensure the interior of your restaurant never looks worn, damaged or unsafe.

Keeping customers and colleagues safe is more important than ever. Protecting your interior and maintaining the very highest standards are fundamental in the current climate.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide to protecting your investment. Our Guide to Brand Image Maintenance outlines what matters in looking after your interior – and gives you an insight in to some of the ways we can help you.

We already help protect the interiors of some of the biggest names in the industry. Why not download the guide today and discover all the ways we can help you too?

Coronavirus : Why cleanliness matters more than ever

Keith Hobbs

With news of the spread of COVID-19 developing every day, many venues in the hospitality and leisure industry are concerned about the impact on their turnover and footfall. Guests are changing plans, and demanding the very highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness from every bar, restaurant and hotel they frequent. Never has it been more important for your venue to be spotlessly clean to minimise any infection risk.

Venues are being advised to prepare a prevention plan that protects employees and guests while on your property. It should put potential guests at ease and help to ensure a positive, safe experience at your setting. First and foremost in this plan should be cleaning and hygiene preparations to ensure there are no spaces for germs to lurk, or uncleaned surfaces where contamination can linger.

It can be difficult for teams that are under-staffed or over-stretched to find the time to do the deep clean every toilet or staff room periodically needs. We are already helping clients with this and carrying out extensive cleaning to ensure the very best hygiene standards – do get in touch if you think your venue could benefit from a deep cleaning session this month. We are here to help.

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