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The Ingredients of a Great Maintenance Service

Keith Hobbs

When most of your work comes through recommendations, our brand image maintenance service speaks for itself. But never one to rest on our laurels, we wanted to show both new and existing customers exactly how we deliver such a first-rate service to so many restaurant groups whilst still ensuring impeccable craftsmanship, environmental sustainability and competitive pricing.

It’s why we’ve been sharing a series of short videos with you over the past year looking at our processes behind the scenes and what our customers think of us. And it’s why we’re incredibly proud to now be bringing you the final instalment that brings all of this together.

The final video in our series, created by film-maker Tim Hobbs of Whittle Films, gives the full picture of what we do, how we do it and – most importantly – why we bother.

Like Annika Hobbs says, it’s all about the Wow Factor. We still feel that wow moment when we do a new installation or restore somewhere to its former glory. And out clients feel it time and again when we breathe life back into their tired interiors.

As Jerry Nicholls, McDonald’s franchisee and owner of 10 restaurants, says:

“I would always recommend Fresssh to anybody. I know if I’ve got an issue they will move heaven and earth to come and sort it out. They’re reliable and they’re stress-free.”

Working Smarter Together for a Greener Future

Keith Hobbs

We all have lots of hopes for the year ahead. Freedom beyond the pandemic. Good health and happiness. And perhaps top of the list, an end to climate change and the move towards a greener future. We can’t pretend to have all the answers or the power to make big changes here at Fresssh, but we are trying to do our bit. Our clients are keen to do the same and it’s great to see what can be achieved when we work together.

This method of working smarter together makes it possible to service multiple stores in a particular restaurant group or geographic area during the same visit. It offers mutual benefits, not least of which is delivery turnaround improvements for our customers.  We want to extend our thanks to those restaurant groups that have already recognised the benefits of working this way.

Our newer approach of coordinating call outs and store visits so we service neighbouring venues on the same day is an important one. It minimises waste and maximises fuel efficiency so we can still provide the same first-rate service whilst simultaneously reducing our carbon emissions. We are delighted that so many of our clients have a similar mindset and are on board with this approach. It is making a big difference.

We’ve always believed in working alongside our clients to support them with their brand image maintenance and so it’s brilliant to see that same partnership model applied to environmental issues too.

For many years we’ve been proud to count hundreds of McDonalds restaurants among our customers. We know they take planet positivity seriously at a corporate level – you may have seen their Plan for Change. It’s great to see that same commitment from every individual restaurant too.

Interested in protecting your interior, and the planet? Get in touch – we’d love to help.

The Wine Room

Keith Hobbs

When you travel across the country servicing a growing client base, it’s easy to forget about the wealth of fantastic hospitality options on your doorstep. So when we are called in to take care of the upholstery on a local project we are always delighted. 

The Wine Room City opened last week following the success of its sister bar, The Wine Room Mapperley. Situated on High Pavement at the entrance to the Lace Market, it really makes the most of its beautiful surrounds. They offer hand-picked wines from across the world and a great range of sharing plates, cheeses and charcuterie – all in a plush and stylish setting.

Opening night was fun. Often when we do an install we don’t always get to stick around and see the new furniture being enjoyed, so it was great to be able to experience the buzz and see our upholstery being appreciated and admired.

If you are looking to open, enhance or protect your boutique venue in Notts we would love to help. Locally based, we install, maintain and protect all types of furniture, specialising in upholstery.

Behind the Scenes

Keith Hobbs

Ever wondered how we create such stunning upholstered furniture or restore the glory of well-used items? Wonder no more! Film-maker Tim Hobbs, of Whittle Films, has been documenting some of our processes for us so we can show you what happens behind the scenes in our upholstery workshop.

Our Master Craftsman, Colin Price, is an experienced upholsterer with an eye for detail. It’s a treat to watch him work as he creates, restores, repairs and maintains a broad range of furniture items.

It takes skill and experience to create such consistently high quality items, to install them correctly, and maintain them expertly. We are fortunate to have Colin in our team.

Watch the video of how we do this for one of our customers, McDonald’s, in full here:

How do you tell your story?

Keith Hobbs

None of us underestimate the power of a good story. They unite us, thrill us and help us make sense of the world. And as a business, being able to tell your own story matters. Especially when it’s a success story.

Here at Fresssh Image we’re proud of our story, and the way we’ve grown the company from nothing to now servicing over 300 different restaurants. Quality, care and craftsmanship remain integral to everything we do. We’re still a family business at heart, and we invest in each and every relationship with our clients, new and old. Our story is one of hard work, vision, craft – and passion!

We’re fortunate enough to have Tim as part of our team too – a filmmaker and video expert who knows how to share a story on screen. Tim runs the successful Whittle Films, creating a range of videos for different clients – like this one for Shiloh Coffee. He understands story, and – crucially – he understands our story.

With more than one billion hours of video played on YouTube every single day, we know how powerful it is. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world with 2.3 billion users worldwide (Statista, 2021), and every other social network is building more and more video in to their platforms.

Which is why we’ve begun work on a series of videos, with Tim, outlining our story, our process and our customers. We can’t wait to share them with you. Stay tuned.

Introducing … Forrest Contracts

Keith Hobbs

People are at the heart of every successful business. We have a skilled and passionate team who always give 110%, and we are fortunate to work with so many innovative, forward-thinking and entrepreneurial clients too. People matter.

Having worked in the industry for over a decade, we have built some exceptional relationships with partners as well. Working with the best in the business is important to us: we only want to recommend people to our clients who can deliver.

Which is why we are proud to introduce Forrest Joinery & Construction Contracts to you. Founded in 1989, Forrest Contracts offer manufactured joinery, quality interiors and corporate reimaging to a wide range of clients, and we have worked with them to great acclaim across multiple McDonald’s restaurants.

Their attention to detail is second to none, and they consistently deliver high quality interiors on time and on budget. For us, it is this craftsmanship and the professional yet personable approach that makes them such a pleasure to work alongside.

As Crow Wood Hotel & Spa Resort say:

“Forrest have consistently impressed with their quality workmanship, commitment and high standards. They never fail to keep promises and we hope to continue with our fantastic working relationship.”

Chris Mawdsley
[Managing Director | Forrest Contracts]

The whole team at Forrest Contracts is extremely proud of the amazing projects they complete for their customers. From their experienced & qualified management, to time served craftsmen, they pride themselves on delivering excellence from bespoke manufacture to complete managed projects including design, cost control & execution. 

Our partnership is a win win for everyone. It means we are able to confidently recommend a bespoke joiner when repair is no longer an option and a restaurant needs something new. It means Forrest can confidently endorse our maintenance services to extend the life of everything they install. And all of our clients benefit with an outstanding reimaging that looks like new for longer, thanks to this first-rate installation and our ongoing brand image protection and maintenance service.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Keith Hobbs

From the very beginning, when we first set up Fresssh Image, we have been 100% focused on our customer experience. We knew from our professional lives to date just how vital strong client relationships are for success, and we’ve worked hard over the years to build meaningful connections and supportive networks with clients, colleagues and suppliers alike.

As part of this commitment, we regularly ask for feedback. We know many businesses can be scared of feedback for fear of hearing something negative, but we’ve always embraced it. It means we always know how to improve and are able to action changes quickly, and it also means our clients know we value their feedback, and their input. We know exactly what we do well too, and can communicate this clearly with new clients as well.

We wanted to share some of the feedback we have received from our clients with you. We are proud of our work, our ethos and our values. It’s great to know others are too.

Hospitality and the New Normal

Keith Hobbs

Wow. What a year, and we’re only half way through. None of us could have predicted the unprecedented and devastating impact that coronavirus would have on us all. Even now, with lockdown restrictions easing there is still a huge amount of uncertainty – especially for the hospitality industry.

As a supplier to the sector, we’ve been reviewing our services, listening to our clients’ needs and taking our time to work out how we can #buildbackbetter and offer an even more robust range of solutions in this ‘new normal’. In light of this, we have scaled back our design offering and instead expanded our protection services, offering a range of deep clean and commercial cleaning solutions to help you protect your customers, your colleagues and your investment in your venue.

It is heartening and inspiring to see just how responsive, innovative and resourceful this sector is. We are seeing teams transform venues in order to serve their customers safely, and we are delighted to be a part of that process.

With the right protective equipment and safety procedures in place we are thrilled to be back working with our trusted clients, ensuring their restaurants and venues are immaculately maintained and delivering the necessary health and safety reassurance to everyone there.

Hospitality venues are filled with so many touchpoints that have the potential to be transmission points, yet time and again, with our expertise and protection services, we are seeing those spaces maintained as safe, hygienic and comfortable places for customers and colleagues alike.

There is no doubt this ‘new normal’ will be with us for a good while yet. As we all start to return to our favourite bars, pubs and restaurants we know that it will be the ones that take safety seriously that will survive. If we can help you to deliver a new space, safe and hygienic, that fulfils your brand image and still delights customers, get in touch. We would love to help.

We’re all in this together

Keith Hobbs

These are unprecedented times. Everybody is affected by coronavirus and everybody is feeling anxious and concerned, regardless of age, location or circumstance. Events and briefings are changing daily so it can feel overwhelming to keep on top of too.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

We don’t have the answers, but we do want to reassure our valued customers that we are in this with you, and will do all we can to support you, and reassure you about our own hygiene and cleaning routines. We are taking extra precautions to minimise contact and reduce risk and will continue to do so for as long as deemed necessary.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

We are a small team and can easily work independently at the advised social distancing guidelines. You can rest assured we’re taking every single precaution we can, following government guidelines, to safeguard our customers and ourselves.

Some of our clients have taken the decision to close their restaurants and focus on takeaway and drive thru options instead, which means working in store is even safer. Indeed, this may now be an ideal opportunity for your venue to get all maintenance issues fixed – we are very happy to talk this through with you if you are considering it.

We are therefore continuing to deliver jobs already ordered and made for individual stores, and we will continue to take orders for new requirements in the normal way.

Ultimately, our health and our families are the most important thing, so we urge everyone to stay safe and follow government guidelines. If there is ANY OTHER WAY we can help, please just ask: we are all in this together.

The Glitter Ball Effect

Keith Hobbs

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has attended a fundraising event before for Ronald McDonald House Charities UK, but we enjoyed a wonderful evening at the 2020 Glitter Ball in aid of the ‘Make Our Oxford House A Home‘ Appeal.

As long time suppliers to McDonald’s we have supported Ronald McDonald House Charities for a number of years, and so we were delighted to host a table of friends and colleagues at the brilliant Glitter Ball in Oxfordshire.

It was great to be able to spend an evening catching up with clients, colleagues and long-term friends from the McDonald’s world, and we enjoyed a night of delicious food, great entertainment and good conversation. The fact that the event raised a whopping £158,687 for the Make Our Oxford House A Home appeal was the icing on the cake.

In Spring 2020, Ronald McDonald House Charities will open new free family accommodation next to the Oxford Children’s Hospital for families with seriously ill children. The new House will have 62 bedrooms and support nearly 1,000 families a year.

© Megan Guard Photography

What a brilliant night for a brilliant cause! A huge thanks to all the team responsible for organising this event – we know a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make everything dazzle on the night.

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