Casual Dining: A Full Sensory Experience

The idea of ‘casual dining’ is rapidly changing. Where once it meant average food in an average setting, it now offers so much more. Customers expect high quality, innovation and excitement in their dining experience and restaurant groups are doing more and more to encourage their customers to linger, take their time, order more and enjoy a full sensory experience when dining in one of their venues. You only have to look at the list of new groups setting up in the UK post-covid to see how important a sector this has become.

Competition within the dine-in industry is very high. In order to keep customers happy, restaurants are using a range of different methods to strive for bigger market shares. Creating an environment that customers enjoy coming to is fundamental in determining customers’ satisfaction. Creating a safe space that customers feel relaxed and secure in as we all learn to live with coronavirus is also key.

Sensory marketing, as part of this, relates to the five customer senses while they are in store: what can be seen, what can be heard, how comfortable are the surroundings, how does the food smell before they order and finally, how does everything taste once they have their order.

The sight, smell and taste of the food is pretty self-explanatory, but the restaurant groups enjoying real success are the ones who understand how important the full dining experience is for their customers, in terms of music, lighting, seating and customer service.

The sight, smell and taste of the food is pretty self-explanatory, but the restaurant groups enjoying real success areSeating, lighting and ambience are all vital building blocks for the perfect customer experience. This in turn encourages longer visit durations and an intention to revisit the restaurant. No wonder then that our brand image support is such a valued and important lifeline for so many of our clients. We protect their investment ongoing, acting as a specialist insurance policy that keeps them looking and feeling great.

Retaining customers and encouraging their loyalty to revisit is dependent on the satisfaction of the holistic consumer dining experience at the restaurant.

Customers today want to enjoy more than just food, they want an experience that is engaging and memorable – which is where we come in. As long time trusted suppliers to McDonald’s and others, we work with our customers to minimise disruption and deliver repairs and maintenance that protects their brand image – and ensures their customers keep coming back.

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