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The Ingredients of a Great Maintenance Service

Keith Hobbs

When most of your work comes through recommendations, our brand image maintenance service speaks for itself. But never one to rest on our laurels, we wanted to show both new and existing customers exactly how we deliver such a first-rate service to so many restaurant groups whilst still ensuring impeccable craftsmanship, environmental sustainability and competitive pricing.

It’s why we’ve been sharing a series of short videos with you over the past year looking at our processes behind the scenes and what our customers think of us. And it’s why we’re incredibly proud to now be bringing you the final instalment that brings all of this together.

The final video in our series, created by film-maker Tim Hobbs of Whittle Films, gives the full picture of what we do, how we do it and – most importantly – why we bother.

Like Annika Hobbs says, it’s all about the Wow Factor. We still feel that wow moment when we do a new installation or restore somewhere to its former glory. And out clients feel it time and again when we breathe life back into their tired interiors.

As Jerry Nicholls, McDonald’s franchisee and owner of 10 restaurants, says:

“I would always recommend Fresssh to anybody. I know if I’ve got an issue they will move heaven and earth to come and sort it out. They’re reliable and they’re stress-free.”

Working Smarter Together for a Greener Future

Keith Hobbs

We all have lots of hopes for the year ahead. Freedom beyond the pandemic. Good health and happiness. And perhaps top of the list, an end to climate change and the move towards a greener future. We can’t pretend to have all the answers or the power to make big changes here at Fresssh, but we are trying to do our bit. Our clients are keen to do the same and it’s great to see what can be achieved when we work together.

This method of working smarter together makes it possible to service multiple stores in a particular restaurant group or geographic area during the same visit. It offers mutual benefits, not least of which is delivery turnaround improvements for our customers.  We want to extend our thanks to those restaurant groups that have already recognised the benefits of working this way.

Our newer approach of coordinating call outs and store visits so we service neighbouring venues on the same day is an important one. It minimises waste and maximises fuel efficiency so we can still provide the same first-rate service whilst simultaneously reducing our carbon emissions. We are delighted that so many of our clients have a similar mindset and are on board with this approach. It is making a big difference.

We’ve always believed in working alongside our clients to support them with their brand image maintenance and so it’s brilliant to see that same partnership model applied to environmental issues too.

For many years we’ve been proud to count hundreds of McDonalds restaurants among our customers. We know they take planet positivity seriously at a corporate level – you may have seen their Plan for Change. It’s great to see that same commitment from every individual restaurant too.

Interested in protecting your interior, and the planet? Get in touch – we’d love to help.

The Wine Room

Keith Hobbs

When you travel across the country servicing a growing client base, it’s easy to forget about the wealth of fantastic hospitality options on your doorstep. So when we are called in to take care of the upholstery on a local project we are always delighted. 

The Wine Room City opened last week following the success of its sister bar, The Wine Room Mapperley. Situated on High Pavement at the entrance to the Lace Market, it really makes the most of its beautiful surrounds. They offer hand-picked wines from across the world and a great range of sharing plates, cheeses and charcuterie – all in a plush and stylish setting.

Opening night was fun. Often when we do an install we don’t always get to stick around and see the new furniture being enjoyed, so it was great to be able to experience the buzz and see our upholstery being appreciated and admired.

If you are looking to open, enhance or protect your boutique venue in Notts we would love to help. Locally based, we install, maintain and protect all types of furniture, specialising in upholstery.

Behind the Scenes

Keith Hobbs

Ever wondered how we create such stunning upholstered furniture or restore the glory of well-used items? Wonder no more! Film-maker Tim Hobbs, of Whittle Films, has been documenting some of our processes for us so we can show you what happens behind the scenes in our upholstery workshop.

Our Master Craftsman, Colin Price, is an experienced upholsterer with an eye for detail. It’s a treat to watch him work as he creates, restores, repairs and maintains a broad range of furniture items.

It takes skill and experience to create such consistently high quality items, to install them correctly, and maintain them expertly. We are fortunate to have Colin in our team.

Watch the video of how we do this for one of our customers, McDonald’s, in full here:

Location, Location, Location

Keith Hobbs

What makes a successful business? One of the big factors in our ability to consistently provide a first rate service that is always on time and on budget is our location. Maintaining the interiors of almost 500 restaurants doesn’t happen by accident – our central Midlands hub allows us to be responsive, coordinated and accessible to venues across the country.

With the A1 on one side of us, and the M1 on the other, along with key strategic East-West routes nearby, we are within easy reach of most of the UK. Rail connections here are second to none too. Combine all this with careful planning and strong customer relations, and we always make every journey count, ensuring sustainability and environmental concerns play their part.

When importing fabrics and furniture from our global partners, the location of East Midlands Airport is also key. As the UK’s main freight distribution hub, the airport is equally strategically placed and less than an hour from our base. It’s no wonder our existing customers value our location, our speed of service and our efficiency as much as they do.

This location has been a key factor in our ability to work with nationwide hospitality groups as well as smaller independents. Our clients need a team who can respond quickly to ensure their interiors look sharp and fresh all year round. We make that happen.

Being based where we are means we don’t have to waste time and resources on transport and can focus on the things we do best instead: outstanding craftsmanship, quality repair and installation, expert service. Missing that from your current repair and maintenance team? Give us a call: 01623 883602.

Installing Success

Keith Hobbs

As we’ve all enjoyed a summer of reconnection, it’s been great to see so many venues full again with everyone enjoying eating out and drinking with friends once more. We’ve certainly been busy as demand for stylish, safe and well maintained interiors continues.

But we know the hospitality sector is ever-evolving too, and it’s really exciting to watch so many new restaurant and hotel groups embracing UK culture. From Wendy’s to Whistle Punks, expansion is the order of the day!

It seemed a good moment to remind our readers of our installation services. Whether it’s custom ordering stations, bespoke seating or supplied furniture, our expert team manage all aspects of installation as part of your new fit out. We can dovetail with your construction team or work independently, offering specialist hospitality installation and fit out.

From our central Midlands location, we work across the UK, installing success for large hospitality groups and small independents. You can get a flavour of one such project in this short video:

Our dedicated installation team is highly skilled in providing refurbishments and fit-out for the hospitality and leisure industry, on budget and to deadline, with minimal disruption to your business. With services ranging from architectural joinery and frame making, to bespoke upholstery and laminating, we offer a complete solution – all carried out at our dedicated workshops.

We also know the job isn’t done once installation is complete. Our brand image maintenance service can protect your investment by providing a programme of regular maintenance to keep your venue looking fresh. So, looking to expand your network of venues? Get in touch – we would love to be part of your dream installation team.

Casual Dining: A Full Sensory Experience

Keith Hobbs

The idea of ‘casual dining’ is rapidly changing. Where once it meant average food in an average setting, it now offers so much more. Customers expect high quality, innovation and excitement in their dining experience and restaurant groups are doing more and more to encourage their customers to linger, take their time, order more and enjoy a full sensory experience when dining in one of their venues. You only have to look at the list of new groups setting up in the UK post-covid to see how important a sector this has become.

Competition within the dine-in industry is very high. In order to keep customers happy, restaurants are using a range of different methods to strive for bigger market shares. Creating an environment that customers enjoy coming to is fundamental in determining customers’ satisfaction. Creating a safe space that customers feel relaxed and secure in as we all learn to live with coronavirus is also key.

Sensory marketing, as part of this, relates to the five customer senses while they are in store: what can be seen, what can be heard, how comfortable are the surroundings, how does the food smell before they order and finally, how does everything taste once they have their order.

The sight, smell and taste of the food is pretty self-explanatory, but the restaurant groups enjoying real success are the ones who understand how important the full dining experience is for their customers, in terms of music, lighting, seating and customer service.

The sight, smell and taste of the food is pretty self-explanatory, but the restaurant groups enjoying real success areSeating, lighting and ambience are all vital building blocks for the perfect customer experience. This in turn encourages longer visit durations and an intention to revisit the restaurant. No wonder then that our brand image support is such a valued and important lifeline for so many of our clients. We protect their investment ongoing, acting as a specialist insurance policy that keeps them looking and feeling great.

Retaining customers and encouraging their loyalty to revisit is dependent on the satisfaction of the holistic consumer dining experience at the restaurant.

Customers today want to enjoy more than just food, they want an experience that is engaging and memorable – which is where we come in. As long time trusted suppliers to McDonald’s and others, we work with our customers to minimise disruption and deliver repairs and maintenance that protects their brand image – and ensures their customers keep coming back.

Saving You Time And Money

Keith Hobbs

Here at Fresssh we are big believers in efficiency. We know that if we can make our ordering and installing process as smooth and streamlined as possible, that we will keep our customers happy and benefit everybody’s bottom line.

With this in mind, we have worked hard over the years to ensure everything is as easy and straightforward for our customers as it possibly can be.

At the heart of this is our customised furniture floor plan – it allows you to order repairs and replacements quickly and easily, and it stops us having to charge for unnecessary call outs and visits. It’s a win-win – and our customers love it.

They create floor plans for us which numbers all our seating so they know which specific seat needs re-upholstering without having to visit us, ensuring a more efficient and quicker turnaround on repairs.”

– Martin Moore [McDonald’s Franchisee Operations Support Manager]

Having worked with a range of restaurants & their contractors for in excess of 12 years we fully understand the importance of good budgetary control, whether it be store brand image maintenance or a complete reimage/refurb.

And if the past year and a half has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t rest on our laurels in this department: Customers expect clean, safe interiors that represent your brand values. You expect efficiency, value and the highest craftsmanship. We deliver on all counts.

Better maintenance of restaurants and bars extends their life and reduces overall reimaging costs as it needs to be done less frequently. This is no small saving.

So, if you’re keen to protect your investment in your venue, and extend the life of your interior, talk to us today. We offer competitive pricing, fast turnaround on repairs and a customer experience that is easy, straightforward and focused on minimal disruption to you. How can we help?

Why Our Customers Use Us

Keith Hobbs

“Our customers expect high standards. It’s important that the environment in which you’re eating looks clean, looks professional and looks well maintained. The restaurant we’re in at the moment cost over a million pounds. It keeps the restaurants we spent a lot of money on looking as sharp as they did when we first opened them.”

Sometimes, it’s easier to let our customers do the talking for us. In this short video, Jerry Nicholls, McDonald’s franchisee and owner of 10 restaurants, explains why he uses Fresssh Image to maintain and protect the interiors of all his restaurants.

“I would always recommend Fresssh to anybody. I know if I’ve got an issue they will move heaven and earth to come and sort it out. They’re reliable and they’re stress-free.”

Thanks Jerry!

Freedom Day? Almost.

Keith Hobbs

When the PM made the dreaded announcement day that Freedom Day was going to be pushed back to next month, we were as disappointed as everyone else in the hospitality sector.

We know just how much planning and preparation goes into opening up so many venues fully, into all the events that had been planned, into the new layouts, menus and procedures – it’s gutting.

But we also know how awful it would be if we had to lockdown again, and to that end we understand the need for caution. Better to wait a bit longer now and never have to close again than continue the open/close yo-yo-ing of the past 12 months.

Photo by Syed Ahmad on Unsplash

With so many venues working against the clock to get everything ready for full re-openings, we know the extra few weeks will be welcome for some. We’ve been flat out getting countless restaurants ready and it’s been great to see the buzz across the sector about the Summer to come. If you need any last minute repairs, reupholstery or restoration jobs sorting do get in touch – we’re always happy to help where we can.

So, we’re keeping our fingers crossed – for everyone in the hospitality sector, for the freedom that’s now in touching distance and for a bit of normality once again. That Freedom Day will be here soon.

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