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Customers buy experiences. The experience generated by the atmosphere of the venue, the behavior and attitude of the staff who serve and the quality of the products they buy. How much they buy and how often they come back is all related the experience of their previous visit.

Concert experience


Whether it was a local hardware store vs a giant DIY warehouse, whether it was a pop-up paella shop, a fine dining restaurant or a bistro. The experience from that first visit will be the key to a customer’s return. The atmosphere in your venue, the friendliness of staff, the quality of products purchased – they all count.


What perhaps counts most and what has that all important knock-on effect is the attitude of those managing the venues. Attitude counts very much. A bad attitude rubs off on your staff because, despite how hard they try, you always put them down. Maybe you don’t have enough staff to cope and demands on them are so high, they begin to resent coming to work. A bad attitude towards the food you serve means you cut corners so much so that in the end, what is served is not quality.


Winston Churchill



“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” (Winston Churchill)






What happens with bad attitude?

What does the atmosphere say about your venue? Is it a happy, relaxed but busy place? Do your staff smile, are pleased to help and actually like working with you? Too busy being busy to notice customers…

A bad attitude to what your venue looks like means you may not see worn seating, peeling paint, sticky carpets. You might think that’s fine but what does the bottom line tell you how good things are – or aren’t. If and when you watch a TV series like Hell’s Kitchen or The Hotel Inspector, why do you think they got involved in the first place.

Bottom lines are failing probably and they can’t see beyond the end of their noses. What is your attitude towards your customers and your venue overall?


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